The Kevin Slingsby Prize for Funnel Vision

The Kevin Slingsby Prize for Funnel Vision is awarded to one undergraduate annually at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art in celebration of Kevin's contribution to the School.

Each year the prize is judged by one former student of Kevin, one member of Ruskin staff and two or three members of the Slingsby family. On the day of the prize giving, the former student judge will give an artist's talk charting the development of their work since leaving the Ruskin.

The funnel was one of Kevin's favourite subjects. The seemingly innocuous utensil or tool takes on a new life as a symbol of intense squeezing and channelling of energy: gathering reference points, subject matter and experience, and compressing them into a creative work. To begin from the other end of the tube, the funnel can be seen as the image of a tightly coiled concept, ready to explode with unknown meanings and new colours.

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Family Judges:

Holly Slingsby, Dr Tom Slingsby, Tila Rodríguez-Past


Winner: Amy Jackson

Past Student Judge: Sue Williams

Staff Judge: Brian Catling


Winner: Karolina Raczynska

Past Student Judge: Conrad Shawcross

Staff Judge: Richard Wentworth


Winner: Julie Scrase

Past Student Judge: Tom Woolner

Staff Judge: Oona Grimes


Winner: Charlie Engman

Past Student Judge: Nathaniel Mellors

Staff Judge: Paul Bonaventura


Winner: Claire Poulter

Past Student Judge: Michael Stanley

Staff Judge: Brian Catling


Winner: Penelope Andrea

Past Student Judge: John Walter

Staff Judge: Sarah Simblet


Winner: Jan Kaesbach

Past Student Judge: Juliet Haysom

Staff Judge: Malcolm Bull


Winner: James Cross

Past Student Judge: Eleanor Crook

Staff Judge: Jason Gaiger


Winner: Melanie Eckersley

Guest Judge: Jordan Baseman

Staff and Past Student Judge: Elizabeth Price


Winner: Jose-Mateo Revillo

Past Student Judge: Kirsten Norrie

Staff Judge: Mark Dean


Winner: Hannah Oram

Guest Judge: Matthew Luck Galpin

Staff Judge: Sigrid Holmwood


Winner: Josie Perry

Past Student Judge: Dan Coombs

Staff Judge: Ian Kiaer